Q. I know you can remove the doors and drawers to spray them, but what about the fixed in panels?

A. In 90% of modern style kitchens the end panels will unscrew even though they look built in.  In the unlikely event they will not unscrew we can spray them in place.. 

Q. I know my toe kicks don’t come out, what do you do with them?

A. We make new 3mm toe kicks which get glued over the top of the old ones.  A bead of clear silicone is applied to waterproof them to the floor.

Q. What is your colour range?

A. We can spray paint your kitchen any colour from any colour chart e.g. Resene / Dulux, and in any gloss level from matt through to high gloss.

Q. Do you do alterations to Kitchens?

A. We do minor alterations e.g. Cut down fridge over cupboards to fit a bigger fridge, or replace water damaged doors and panels.

Q. Can you fill our existing handle holes so we can change the size of them?

A. Yes we can fill the old holes. Unfortunately there will be a small ring show up after a few weeks but it’s very minor.

Q. Do you replace benchtops?

A. We don’t, but work closely with a company that does called Superior Benchtop Solutions Ltd. Your existing benchtop is resurfaced in place with an Earthstone surface (engineered stone), and will end up approximately 7 – 8 mm thicker than the existing benchtop.